Amino Acid & Vitamin E Muscle Support Formula


Amino Acid & Vitamin E Muscle Support Formula

Aids Increased Lean Muscle Mass. Powerful Amino Acid & Vitamin E blend with no sugars.

Recommended for Rehabilitation and Old Horses. You can feed EquiMyoTone to your horse that needs to be on a low sugar diet, such as geriatric horses or rehabilitation cases. Most supplements have some type of filler or bulking agent to make them look big. We just have natural purified ingredients with no additives.

For Serious Muscle Growth. EquiMyoTone is a proven formula of an extremely high concentration of amino acids, with the blend of Vitamin E which scavenges free radicals as an antioxidant. Furthermore, we have made it in an extruded soya pellet which makes it very tasty for your horse but means that we can leave the sugar out.

FFPS – Guaranteed Free From Prohibited Substances. EquiMyoTone is widely used at the highest levels of competition, eventing and racing as we double-test every single batch to ensure that there are no banned substances.

Recommended for Sports & Competition Horses. EquiMyoTone is a proven formula to work in sports and competition horses needing outstanding muscle support and growth to reach peak performance. EquiMyoTone is FFPS and because it comes as a handy two months’ supply tub it can be used during periods of competition or increased levels of work as necessary.


  • Aids increased lean muscle mass
  • Helps to improve your horse’s appearance and support physical wellbeing
  • Supports increased strength
  • Helps to maximise muscular development in young stock

Feeding Instructions

EquiMyoTone should be added to the normal feed ration. It should preferentially be fed in the afternoon/evening feed, after the daily training/exercise.

Type Daily Feed Days' Supply
Maintenance 50g 60


Selective precipitate of pea protein isolate, Soya beans extruded, Calcium hydrogen orthophosphate, Inactivated yeast.

Ingredient Per 1kg
Vitamin E 20,000iu
L-cysteine 3,550mg
L-threonine 3,500mg
Methionine (Calcium salt of hydroxy analogue) 3,500mg
L-valine 3,000mg
L-isoleucine 2,500mg
L-tryptophan 2,000mg
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