Welcome to the EquiXcellence range of equine supplements


Welcome to the EquiXcellence range of equine supplements

Welcome to the EquiXcellence Range of Equine Supplements

The result of extensive research and development with world leading professors, vets and horse professionals. Our collaborative approach focuses on equine health and wellbeing, certified and sustainable ingredients together with scientific formulations for maximum nutritional and performance benefits to the horse.


EquiXcellence are high quality, pharmaceutical grade products made from natural ingredients, available exclusively from select equine veterinary practices across the UK. They are made from the highest quality, purest natural ingredients, with high strength fast acting formulas. All EquiXcellence products also boast a guaranteed label claim for consistent product quality.


EquiXcellence is suitable for all life stages and level of works offering an extensive range of products widely used at the highest levels of competition, eventing and racing, whilst also being ideal for young growing horses and older horses on maintenance support.

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Equine Product Guarantees

All EquiXcellence Equine products are guaranteed from the inside out.


Guaranteed Analysis


The ingredients are checked for quality and tested for contaminants on arrival at the plant. The production facilities have tight quality controls throughout and the finished product is tested for batch composition.


Guaranteed Traceability


Each of the individual ingredients within the product are fully traceable and batch controlled.