Respiratory Aid Supplement


Respiratory Aid Supplement

Highly Palatable Tonic Formulated To Support A Healthy Bronchial System

Eucalyptus Oil. This can act as a negative ion generator and is helpful to assist in clearing the respiratory tract from any mucus build up that can come from dust or spores in your horse’s environment. It is also suggested that eucalyptus can loosen phlegm in horses’ respiratory tracts making it easier to cough out.

Menthol. This has a ‘cooling’ effect on your horses’ airways which can help in relieving irritation.

Proactive & Reactive. A specially formulated complementary blend of natural ingredients to support a healthy bronchial system. Contains; eucalyptus and menthol with cider vinegar, honey, garlic and lemon juice, which makes EquiAirways a highly palatable aid and support.


  • Highly palatable tonic formulated to ease horses’ airways
  • Very concentrated, ensuring minimal feeding

Feeding Instructions

Feed daily 3-4 hours before exercise or with morning feed or as directed by your veterinary surgeon. Start feeding when first signs of breathing discomfort appear.

Warning: This product may contravene the rules of equestrian competition. Please check with your governing body.

Type Daily Feed 1.2ltr
All Horses and Ponies 30ml 40 days


Ingredient Per 33g
Eucalyptus oil 30mg
Menthol 12mg
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